With their diverse stylistic ability and sturdy sound, the Carry-On Band is the real deal, delivering a dynamic evening of rock.” - ANDREA BEENHAM


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The past few years have been quite different in the music world. But with all of the changes Carry-On Band has risen to the challenge. They are booking new venues around southern California in: Agoura, Santa Clarita, Oxnard, Ojai, Montclair, Venice and are now exploring the opportunity to expand their market north and south to the bay area and Sacramento as well as San Juan Capistrano.

As independent recording artists they have opened for such national acts as: Oingo Boingo (former members), Ana Popovic, Foghat, The Immediate Family, Lou Gramm w/Asia, Ambrosia, WAR, Albert Lee and Missing Persons. They have even had guest performances from Rene Camacho(WAR), John Avila(Oingo Boingo), and Jerry Salas(El Chicano) and Roy Z Ramirez(Rob Halford, Bruce Dickinson) sitting in on stage.. 

Truly grateful for the reviews and airplay they've received on their four single releases from: Radio-Wigwam, Eat This Rock, C.O.A.R. Radio Show, Radio Indie Alliance (Punk Rock Demonstration), Belter Radio, A&R Factory, Pam Baumgardner Music Hour, Pauly D’s Hell Yeah Radio, Fun Rock Radio, Music Connection, and more. 

Carry-On Band looks forward to booking more new venues and festivals in your town. Keep and eye on the Shows page of their website for tour dates, as well as the blog page for reviews and upcoming releases.

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3 & 1/2 Minutes review 

OCTOBER 23, 2021 

By Andre Avanessian 

Combining elements of classic rock, punk, and alternative styles, "3 & 1/2 Minutes" is an incredibly fun and energy-fueled frenzy of hard-hitting riffs, blistering lead guitar work, and attitude-infused vocals that revels in its sheer sense of fun and undeniable free-spirited nature. Carry-On Band is clearly having a whale of a time with this track, and the brilliant high-octane performances reflect that point marvelously. This is a band clearly loving what they do and you can feel that positive energy bursting through the solid songwriting. 

I'll be honest and say when the lyrics began rolling, I smile quickly swept across my face, not only are they humorous but they contain a great playfulness to them that makes them just plain fun to listen to. There is a time and a place for deep themes and lyrical potency just like there is a time to let one's hair down and just go wild, "3 & 1/2 Minutes" is very clearly meant to fit into the latter category, and it's a rip-rollicking good time because of it. It's great to hear a band just having a pure blast writing and playing music that is unapologetically down to earth, aiming to simply sweep you up into its whirlwind of unbridled energy, catchy riffs, and animated performances. Carry-On Band knows exactly what type of band they are and what they are wanting to achieve with their music, and having grown up listening to riff-heavy music such as this, I salute them. 

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