Our favorite review from a new fan.

Joe Madden 

I am sorry in advance for the long post, but I have some gushing to do. I travelled from Massachusetts to LA for a short pleasure trip with 2 lady friends. My girl is 71 and has dementia. Probably her last meaningful trip. I am 62 and have seen so many bands perform I have trouble counting. Foghat is solidly in my mix. We had front row seats at the Canyon Club for the April 3rd show. Being from MA, never heard of Carry-On Band and didn't know what to expect. Never in a million years did I or we expect that Carry-On Band would be so immensely talented, entertaining and worthy of cult status. My head was literally 4 feet from the speakers and I was in heaven. Mark has the vocal ability of anyone on stage. Hit every note perfectly, with jaw-dropping skill and delivery. Musicianship of the band was outstanding and I still can't get over what a massive treat we got that night. We ran into Mark in the bar area after the show and had a very brief conversation. My lady, Debbie, got to tell him how impressed she was with the show. My thanks to Mark and all of Carry-On Band for the memories that will always last. I was lucky enough to buy a t-shirt and CD and I have been playing that CD in my car all week. I am only disappointed that I cannot see Carry-On Band on a regular basis because of where I live. Many, many thanks for a great show, your accessibility to your fans and I hope you have many more years of entertaining the masses. I can't express enough how much that experience meant to us. Thank you! 

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