Be My Baby Review

JULY 14, 2021

By Steven Azami.

Overall Impression:   Reinventing a classic song is never easy, but that's exactly what the Carry-On Band have done here with their cover of "Be My Baby." Originally released in 1963 as a single by The Ronettes, the Phil Spector production quickly climbed the charts and became a staple song of the era. In a stark departure from the original's pop/r&b genre, the Carry-On Band gives "Be My Baby" the full rock treatment with a guitar/bass/drums arrangement that alternates between an arena rock style and a more modern alternative rock sound, in the verse and chorus respectively. Highlighted by some truly excellent musicianship and a superb vocal performance, the Carry-On Band's cover of "Be My Baby" has a little something for everyone, and should have no problem finding an appreciative audience among both fans of the original and contemporary rock fans alike. 

Strongest Point(s):   Outstanding production, the mix sounds really good. Excellent arrangement, the contrast in styles between the verse and chorus is both interesting and engaging. The band sounds really tight and well rehearsed. Fantastic vocal performance and production, both in the lead and in the backing harmonies. This was a great choice for a cover, given the familiarity and reverence for the original, and you've certainly achieved your goal by putting your own spin on it. Very nice work on this track, great job by all involved! 

About The Reviewer:   Steven Azami is a multi-instrumentalist with over 25 years of experience in the music industry. Both as a touring/session player and as a producer, his career has spanned nearly every genre, from bluegrass to jazz, from rock to reggae. In addition, his work as a music educator has allowed him to cultivate and foster talent among the next generation of musical explorers

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